In order to avoid and reduce as much as possible any error in the issuance of budgets and / or orders by our customers, our company always requires the following information:


  1. Name and surname and in case of company, full name of it.
  2. ID or CIF in case of company
  3. Billing and shipping address (if different from billing)
  4. Phone number and mobile phone number
  5. Fax number (if available)
  6. E-mail (highly recommended to send and receive everything via email)


  1. Brand
  2. Model
  3. Year
  4. Chassis number
  5. Engine number
  6. Gearbox number (in case you need spare parts)
  7. Left or right steering wheel

The omission or error in the supply of this data by the client, exempts our company from any responsibility for errors or confusion that may arise in the budget, order or receipt of the requested goods.

In case of any error, damaged or defective material in the reception of the merchandise, the client must communicate it within a maximum period of 48 hours in writing via fax in the attached claim form with the invoice inside each shipment. Any other method will not be admitted.

Once the period of 48 hours has elapsed since the receipt of the goods, the company will not accept any type of claim on the merchandise received except in the following cases:

Electrical material: in case of malfunction, it must be communicated within a maximum period of 15 days from its reception to the company, always in writing. The electrical equipment does not have warranty once assembled and installed.

In second-hand goods, there is no guarantee on the same, nor the possibility of returning the material. Neither will returns of merchandise that are ordered by special order of the customer.

The budgets will be valid for 30 days from the date of issue. As of that date, the prices of the articles may vary.


Shipping of fragile goods:

In shipments of delicate or fragile nature, our company will use the best means of packaging and protection within its reach in order to protect the merchandise of our customers from possible damages that may be caused by third parties totally outside our company.

We strongly recommend that the customer always personally inspect the merchandise before signing the delivery note and in accordance with it. In the case that the transport company refused to do so, sign the delivery note and check the merchandise always in the presence of the carrier. In case the merchandise has suffered damages due to mishandling of the transport, communicate it in writing on the same delivery note of the carrier the damage produced and keep a copy of it. In this way they can claim damages and return the amount of the damaged merchandise to the transport company.

Cmstores, S.L. will not be responsible for the damages caused in their shipments by third parties and transport companies outside our company, being the Client who must claim the damages and prejudices directly to the transport company or third parties that would have caused the damages.



In case of error by the client, the company will accept the return of the material within a maximum period not exceeding 15 days from the receipt of the same by the client to be sent to the supplier of origin. The cost of the return (postage) even our company and even supplier of origin) will be borne entirely by the customer and the company will only pay 75% of the original value of the merchandise invoiced to the customer.

The second-hand material and special orders do not allow any type of return.

Defective electrical equipment has a maximum return period of 15 days from its receipt by the client. If once sent to the supplier of origin it is proven that the handling / installation is improper, the return to the customer will not be accepted and will be sent to postage due again to the customer.




Delivery times for merchandise:

Cmstores, S.L. deliver the goods within the agreed timeframe with the customer at the time of confirming your order, these periods being as approximate as possible.

Sometimes and for reasons beyond our company and due to fluctuation of stocks and misinformation by our suppliers, the delivery of the goods may suffer delays in delivery. Due to this, our company, will communicate with the customer to inform of the updated status of your order and give you the possibility to deliver the goods in the new period indicated by our suppliers or supply the order in several shipments if you wish (in case of orders with several materials), giving your consent to this system, which will carry an additional transportation charge when carried out in several shipments.

It is the objective of our company to comply in all cases, the delivery times of the orders of our customers, but as we indicated above, and due to causes beyond our company, these objectives can not be met in 100% of the cases. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Payment Methods:

By bank transfer to one of our accounts: BBVA

By credit card Visa / Mastercard / Servired: this operation will carry a surcharge of 1.9% on the total amount of the invoice. The following information is required:


Export doubts:

In shipments to the Canary Islands, abroad, etc. by land / air / sea, an export DUA will be applied, the amount of which depends on the current tariffs of the transport companies.

Duas are excluded in any shipment that could be made by conventional mail.

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